11 November 2013

Keeping it real.. didn't get it all done!

And by not all, I mean hardly any!

Sometimes that is just the way it works.
 We (by we I mean hubby) got the tub and toilet re-caulked.
Shelf built
wood trim re-caulked
and I cleaned out all the drawers and cabinets, no idea how I collect so much stuff in there!
I could not find a table that fit in this little nook, ended up snagging an IKEA plant stand a couple months ago, just getting around to using it.
So we did get some stuff done, it wasn't a total failure for the week. In spending additional time in there I realized we needed to change some things.

I've always hated our tp holder, it was just never right, it's getting replaced!

And I feel like there are far too many lights for this smallish room,
alternate light fixture coming up!

And while I spent 80% of my cleaning time just in the bathroom this is what happens
 Beds not made, laundry all over, yeah the whole rest of the house is like this. Dishes are done though that is about it. I really stuck to just the bare minimum everywhere else.

I don't know if I will ever really get this whole balance of work and home to match my previous standards. Stuff just gets to me when it's messy!

Not making a special trip into town for a light fixture or tp holder, but those will get done soon.
This week I am working on our bedroom, and if I finish it, our sweet girly's bedroom.


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