15 November 2013

Black Friday Fun!!!

I LOVE Black Friday. I like being out with all the nutters waiting for that deal. I rarely HAVE to have something but I will still go, help friends get their must haves and enjoy the insanity.
It's practically a party, and if it's a party there should be a goody bag,
or at least a prepared for crazy bag!
A few things I know I need for waiting in lines and dealing with the crowds and crazy folks:

Most importantly is my charm and patience ;)
Mug for Coffee
  Pen and paper

If you WERE going to make it a party you could put all those things in a cute mug as a favor!

The other thing that could be fun is a after shopping breakfast!  I know that I would have NO energy to actually make anything after shopping on no sleep.
But I could probably pull off a pre-prepped brunch with the crock pot.

 French toast bread pudding in the crock pot would be easy and delicious. I've made one similar, I rarely use a recipe but this one looks closest! I use a little less milk add some OJ.

A prep ahead fruit salad and some oven cooked turkey bacon!

You could decorate the table with these CUTE little carts!

This Black Friday I am working OVERTIME!
I don't know if I said what I was doing for work, but once I tell y'all it will be clear why I have had the chance to do all this OT!
I'm working at our state's Health Insurance Exchange, yes we are in the news all the time, and no things haven't gone as planned. I still love it! I work with amazing people!
I'm still going out to be with my crazies for a while in the morning!


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