11 October 2013

How I organize life, and a little giveaway!

For right now anyway!
I would be totally lost without these 3 things.
-Planner with Calendar
-Frixion Pen
-Washi Tape

If you are looking for a little Management Binder, this might be a good place to start! It holds the 5.5x8.5" papers! I picked it up at Staples with the calendar inserts too. You can get SO many printables online too. Target has a number of less expensive binders in this size also. It fits in my purse, I take it everywhere. I need it on a daily basis, multiple times a day.

I know the Filofax and MomAgenda are popular, Erin Condren has some super cute ones. I needed something NOW and not a budget buster either, but it had to be cute! So here it is, my little Martha Stewart cuteness. Did it come with anything, NO. Not a thing. I didn't pay for a bunch of stuff I am not going to use though either. I only bought what I needed to start. Then I have also picked up some pages on etsy. Finding this size is a little trickier but there are some great ones out there!

I mostly use the calendar and the list pages.

I make our meal plan for the month and then use the washi tape and just stick the meal on the day, I can move it if something comes up, or I forget to thaw something.
(cause that NEVER happens right?!)

The lists are ongoing, never ending and always half done.

I swear by these pens! They make my list and calendar planning SO much easier. They write super smooth, don't smudge (much) and they are erasable!! The write like a ball point, look like a super fine felt and erase so well!

I love them so much I want to share some!
Colors may vary!

I will give y'all 2 whole weekends to enter! Share with your friends!

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