01 September 2013

What's for Breakfast?

When I meal plan I usually just think about dinner,
but breakfast is going to be a little bit rushed for us. So I thought I would make a plan, at least for the first week of school!

Mini bagel with Greek yogurt cream cheese, blue berries and Kefir (kids are addicted!)

Oatmeal with fruit, I mix some protein powder in their oatmeal. I don't even know if they notice.

Scrambled eggs, applesauce and toast, Kefir

Yogurt with fruit and granola

I have a few other staple breakfasts
Waffles with PB, or nutella
Cereal and fruit
Sausage and Little Pancakes
Cream of Wheat
Smoothie and toast

I figure if I have a plan I can have some of it prepped the night before and make mornings a little easier!

I could always use some more ideas, has to be fast and fill them up!


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