23 September 2013

Starbucks Birthday Party

Today is our little Finnley's 4th Birthday but we celebrated yesterday!
First I want to say Starbucks had nothing to do with Finn's party, but our local store was nice enough to donate some supplies.
Second.. pictures are totally lame. We had a slight disposal issue 20 minutes before party time... so I didn't really take much for pictures. Real life, what can ya do?
Many months ago Finnley started saying he wanted a Starbucks birthday with a pink cake. I was thinking... okaaaaay tiny nutter. But he never wavered, even when we talked about a farm party, baseball.. nope he wouldn't have anything to do with it. So Starbucks it was.  I know WHY he loves it. Tuesday used to be our in town day, we would always go to Target and Starbucks. Boy loves his banana bread and white hot chocolate, every Tuesday. I got him hooked on Target Tuesday so I have no one to blame but myself. What kind of  4 year old kid wants a coffee birthday party? A super cute one, so charming, it's hard to say no to him.
I didn't know HOW I was going to make this happen. Not like I could get a bunch of tots all caffeinated up to send home. So while I did some coffee themed stuff. I mostly went for colors.
First I found these little color your own coffee cups at Hobby Lobby
I just printed off little names instead of the inserts they came with.
These cups were the first thing that made me feel like I could make this thing happen.
Focusing on greens and browns. I made a banner and used the hot sleeves as the spacers between Happy and Birthday.
I emailed Starbucks but they don't sell party kits or anything, they said just to ask and the store could hook us up with some supplies. And they did!
Sticking with the theme, I tried to plan some green and brown food ideas.
Green Jello, in sample cups of course,
Green grapes
Banana Bread.. Finn's very favorite from Starbucks
And some cupcakes
Brown Coffee Filter Poms.. no way was I spending $4 on a small but not tiny Styrofoam ball. I used a Styrofoam apple from dollar tree instead. Still lightweight and round. Good enough!

Finding green snacks is hard!
We made a snack mix of
yogurt pretzels
green sundrops
pb chips
chocolate almonds
and some green animal cookies
Some little tea lights in coffee beans, vanilla meringues and some mocha wafers rounded out the over load of sugar.
ohh and cake
Had a little malfunction with the cake topper.. but he was still happy so it works!

Getting a little help blowing out some candles
And a PINK cake.. might be light pink but it counts!
Also not pictured.
Pin the logo on the latte cup. No outrageous drawing skills here but the kids all got plenty dizzy and gave it a try.
My favoring part is probably the favors
The little cups, a little bag of cookies to go, just some F's and 4's in the Starbucks logo bags with a cd.
I got the pack of recycled cd cases to match the colors, cutesy'd them up with some washi tape and made a mix cd of Finn's 12 favorite songs. You know, cause Starbucks always has their little cd selection by the register, and Finn has good taste in music. He gets it from me ;) Put this all together in a Starbucks bag, we used the hot sleeve as a tag.


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