30 September 2013

How we organize schoolwork

We aren't homeschooling but I feel like our little guy needs a little direction in the morning while the bigger kids are getting ready for school. And I like to make sure there is always something the kids can be doing IF we have a few spare moments.
I have a little folder for him that I am prepping (usually) on Sundays. Nothing too serious, just a couple pages for each day, and 1 or 2 activities a week.

I keep his work with the big kids Homework/School work stuff.

We have a notebook for each big kid, a pencil pouch with a few sharpened pencils, eraser and a set of toddler colored pencils.
They each have a folder with pages and activities for the week in it and flash cards. Sometimes there is enough time while I am finishing dinner to do a little work and chatting. I know some people would fill this down time with T.V. but we haven't made T.V. important for our kids, we don't have cable and I just feel like we could just as easily fill that time with something constructive. Our kids love the work books, I can usually bribe them with the chance to do an extra page.

During the week the kids real homework folders go there, that way we know where stuff is, easy to get to in the kitchen and homework time isn't drama. There is not a minute or 4 to spare looking for homework folders in the morning and no extra time to hunt down a pencil or lined paper for homework in the evening.
I also put a little snack in there. It's not usually snack time when we do homework but we all have those days when dinner is longer than expected.

We keep this in the drawer closest to the table and island area where we do homework. I think homework can already be a stressful thing for some kids, making it just a little easier by being prepared and having everything right there, easy to grab.

Who wants to share their homework area? Home school or not. However you make school work easier, I want to see!


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