05 September 2013

Car Organization

With school, football and work all going on at the same times I knew we would be in the car a little more and be in a rush a little too often. I want to make sure we have everything we need accessible in the car but not in the way.
I ordered this handy dandy back of the seat organizer

Aaaaaand it doesn't fit on my seats, oh well. I will see if I can use it some other way.
So instead, we moved all the kids to the middle row, and now I have the whole back to take advantage of.  I have everything I was going to put in the organizer in a basket. Not as easy to access but still available and not all over the floor of the car. It just has snacks, a change of clothes, some waters, blanket, a couple of books, diapers and wipes. Mini first aid kit and throw up cups (we use them often unfortunately) and a couple of bags from a recent closet clean out for a friend!

I have a garbage container for the kids in the backseat, NOTHING is more annoying to me in the car than garbage all over. It's not fancy but if it keeps stuff off the floor I will take it.
 I also have a little bag for stray little toys/hairbows/legos. For some reason Finn can't go in the car without something in his hands, we find so many toys behind his seat, I am hoping this will help wrangle them.

I keep real emergency stuff (extra clothes, food, extra inhalers, water, flashlights etc.) in the roof box on top so it's not in the way.
And for good measure, my car will probably NEVER look this clean again
No snack crumbs on the floor, no flash cards, no pennies NOTHING.. enjoying the brief tidiness.
And I love all the ideas on Pinterest, check out my car organization board ( and I hope, future projects) HERE



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