11 September 2013

Busy.. not a fan of the word

Anyone else just feel like "busy" is a cop out these days?
Don't we all have the same 24 hours in everyday?

How many times a day do you hear or say I just haven't had time!

If we are being honest with ourselves and the people around us, shouldn't we be saying I haven't MADE time for insertwhateveryouhavebeenputtingoff?
Isn't it really about prioritizing and CHOOSING what we spend our time on?
Important (to us) things are what we make time for.
How many of the things we HAVE to do (I know we all say " I have to _______") are REALLY a necessity to make it through the day? I know I say this often and those HAVE To's are not really have To's at all, we are all just ok with saying it about nearly everything anymore that we don't question what we really should be doing instead of those Have To's, it's not easy or fun but for me it's doing the right thing.

I've been working hard on not saying "busy" in reference to my time and being true to
my priorities and not just what is easy.
For me, other than taking care of our family, taking care of our home is a close 2nd. Being gone from our home 10 hours a day does not make that an easy task, but it's still pretty high up there in priority we don't get to prioritize by what is easiest.

 Constant comments from women about how they don't have time to organize, or mop, even doing the dishes is dramatic, and how they are too BUSY to keep up on it and then they turn around and are on Facebook or Instagram with multiple posts a day, followed up by shopping online for clothes they won't have time to wash.

These are just killing me, I just want to say "hellllllo, you just said you haven't had time to clean your kitchen but you managed to squeeze in 12 Instagram videos, 4 pictures, 2 complaints about your kids behavior and 3 dog pictures?" 
Complaints about how much laundry they have to do and how it takes all their time, but no effort to do anything about it, just continuing to add to the problem.

Same thing with the gym 5 days a week, the multiple moms groups, the just for fun gym class you teach and the blogger meet-ups and online friend swaps for seasonal items. I'm not saying anyone should skip out on any of these things if someone enjoys them.
But please stop saying you are so BUSY when you are CHOOSING to make yourself busy.
We can all see your priorities, they are clear in your comments about not having time for this or that and the pictures of laundry.

I'm not perfect, I still expect too much of myself and put too much on our schedule.
I do spend a little time on Facebook and it's SO frustrating having to sort through friends posts and complaints and pity parties. I feel bad that I have just flat out hidden friends entirely because I am not willing to spend what little time I allow myself for browsing to be taken up by this, whatever it is, a contest? Whoever makes the most work for themselves wins? Whoever has some seriously crazy priorities (to me anyway) gets a prize? When did being BUSY turn into a good thing and why are people expecting praise for it?

I really do try to keep things light, sorry for the heavy but I thought I might explode if I didn't get it out there!


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