27 August 2013

Bed Sharing

So these little boys, they have my heart and they also usually have 1/3-1/2 our bed!

They don't really wake up and make a fuss, they just climb in all stealth like and quiet, and by the time I realize I have no blanket and no room I am too tired to try and carry either one of them back to their beds. So there they stay hogging the bed, kicking, waking, snoring, teeth grinding and I toss and turn on my tiny portion of the bed.
That has gotta change! School starts soon, we all need sleep, good uninterrupted sleep and no one is getting that with 4-5 of us in a queen size bed.
Our kids like their chore packs, and I was thinking they would like a punch card that they can cash in when it's full, like a coffee punch card, for a hot cocoa, or treat at the football game.
Found a couple on etsy but thought I could probably DIY and save the money.

Decided to use some Rhonna Designs, and My Memories Suite.. Here is what I ended up with

Just gonna print a few of these and see how it works.
If you don't have MyMemoriesSuite yet, go get it! I use it all the time!
For teacher gifts, Christmas Tags, Scrap booking, Party Supplies. Totally worth it, and I have a coupon code, just enter STMMMS87586 for a discount at checkout.
Wish us luck on sleeping with no kidlets!



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