15 August 2013

Back to School Projects

With just under 3 weeks until the first day of school, I just really started thinking about everything that needs to be done for ME to prep for Back to School!
Snack Prep
~Last year I shared this, and we still do something similar, but out daughter has her own box with Gluten Free Snacks.

Lunch Supply Prep
~I just need to make sure our fridge is more organized. The kids pick their dairy and fruit/veggie for lunch boxes and if it's not organized it doesn't go well.
Clothing Routine
~I have tried so many ways of rotating clothes so everything gets worn and so far nothing has worked as well as I want it to! The kids obviously have their favorites and those seem to end up on top of the pile more often. I have a couple weeks to figure something out. Any ideas?

Chore Packs
~I might need to add a few more to the big kids packs, and I haven't even made one for Finnley yet!
That is a must do.  We are still using the same method and they work GREAT, when the kids use them. It's a constant reminder but I think most parenting jobs are not a 1 time reminder, so we will keep up with this and hope it gets a little easier every day.

Starting on the Thursday before school starts I am going to start waking the kids up and going through the motions of getting ready for the day, just to get them back in the routine. Hoping those early morning days will make them a little more tired at night and make the transition to falling asleep before 10 a little easier.

A lot of that is this weekends project.
Who else has a list to do before school starts?


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