16 August 2013

Almost 8 months over

I totally forgot to update our goals in the beginning of August! So now that it's over half over.. I am going to keep it short and sweet.
~I have been HORRIBLE about eating at the table, honestly I am lucky if I eat dinner at all. We will never do 4 weeks of swimming lessons at 6 pm again, ever. Lesson learned.
~We have been having fun doing other stuff, golf, drive in movies, checking out old pictures and a couple parades with friends.

~Hardly been to the gym at all this month, once or twice is it!
~Been doing super on my water drinking and not spending time on relationships that are 1 way. Back to reading some more too!
~I have a new method for my coffee, I only buy a gift card every few weeks, and not for very much. Once it's gone, it's gone. I don't really have cravings for it and the lack of sleep is not an issue as much. I could go completely without if we needed to. And I always buy the gift card at a store that offers gas rewards with 5x the points on gift cards, that way when I buy my $15 gift card for the month I get 75 points which is almost 10 cents off per gallon it only comes to about 2.50 savings but I will take it. 
~Step 2 of Dave Ramsey Snowball plan.. almost HALF done! I don't know how it happened, but it's working and it is SUCH a relief! Even with everything going on in our little world right now, I feel confident we will be done with step 2 sooner than I expected and much easier than I anticipated it being.

I use a little notebook like this and am keeping track of every months balances.

Some months it feels like there is hardly any change in those balances which is CRAZY because I know how much of a payment we make, and really out of that payment that is ALL it brings the balance down. Gross!
~I've been to Target more often than I should but when I do go, I am not spending like I was before. Our office is moving and now Target is not close so I don't think I will be there nearly as much.
~I haven't been vigilant about using Swagbucks, but we have been cashing them in for gift cards when we do have enough, and moving those right to savings! I know Christmas FEELS like forever away but the insane shopping season starts in 90 days. Not going overboard, just preparing as best we can. I found a couple of things we were getting anyway on clearance for less than half price, already wrapped those up! 
~I think we have taken more out of our house in the last 6 months than we have the last 6 years! I know I am being better about not shopping because we are continually out of grocery bags, when before we had too many for the container.

I have bags all over the house and when they are full I load 'em in the car. They really are all over, it's kind of annoying but I think it's working.
~Hubby is making this great laundry basket holder, I am sure you have seen one on Pinterest. We moved the boys in together in 1 room, have plans to paint and do as much as we can to keep things around here work for us, but I am ready to sell this house! We are just waiting until the time is right and doing what we can until then to get things ready.
~I am enjoying my job, missing my kids when I am there and know they are having fun with Daddy at home for now.
~Ryan has been home for a month now, not sure it is what he was expecting, but I like that we get more time together!
~Kids have grown SO much this summer, especially this last month. Not just height (although that happened a ton) Finally have a couple swimmers, ditched some training wheels and there is more reading going on than I can keep up with! 
Goodness, for that being "short" it sure isn't! But that's what's new with our goals since the beginning of July!


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