17 June 2013

Toilet cleaning.. blech!

I don't personally enjoy it, but it has to be done right? I had been having THE hardest time with hardwater, lime or whatever, it wasn't dirty but it wasn't what I was used to either. I really HATE using chemicals but all my usuals didn't do the trick. I tried baking soda, vinegar, baking soda and vinegar, lemon and salt. NOTHING was working, then I went online and read, tried the 3 favorite toilet cleaners from those that swear by chemicals, tried all 3 and none of them helped either.
I was in the grocery store and found this thing

I was a little worried it would scratch the porcelain but the package says it won't.. taking a risk, I was desperate!

OH MY GOODNESS!  Worked like a charm, the mineral ring was gone in minutes!
Adding this to my "NO CHEMICAL" Cleaning bucket!
What do you use to remove the mineral build-up? Ever tried these before?


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