06 May 2013

Today is my 1st day!

And I am so nervous!
But I think the prepping I did last week and last night has things going as well as I can hope!
Here is our meal plan for the next 2 weeks (not weekends)
Monday/Today~Chicken, veggies and sauce in the crock pot, rice made yesterday
Wednesday~Pork Roast.
Thursday~Stroganoff, everything is done ahead of time, just putting it all together
Friday~Chicken quesadillas
Monday~Baked Potatoes & stuff
Tuesday~BBQ Pork Sandwhiches
Wednesday~Chicken Tortilla Soup
Thursday~Little Pizzas (made on english muffins or smooshed canned biscuits)
 Friday~Crock Pot Lasagna

We have T-Ball/Baseball x4 and Concession Stand Shifts
So my favorite days at the gym probably won't happen this week, I need to ease into this new routine and not jump right in full force to everything. Just making it to work on time and getting everyone fed and out the door is my goal for the first week.

I'm off to work on my Monday chores before everyone else gets up. Happy Monday!


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