19 February 2013

Budgeting Part 1

I want to share how we are working towards meeting our goal.
Money is always a stresser for me!
One of our goals for the year is to reduce our debt. It's going, slow, but going!
One issue we have is Christmas, with 3 kids, all kinds of nephews and big family we could easily go broke and undo everything we work for all year. This year, I am planning ahead!
Using SwagBucks!
I talked about it before (a few years ago) but haven't really used it since, until this year when I am being as creative as I can (desperate much?) and doing anything to help out our budget!

If you haven't used them before, it's free, a search engine that randomly gives you points for searching for your everyday things (google, yahoo, Pinterest, Facebook) but also Swagbucks for completing surveys, watching videos and for shopping, you get swagbucks per dollar at Amazon, Target and the like. Sooo sign up and start getting that Christmas money, Birthday money, Wedding money... whatever you have coming up. I spend maybe a half hour doing actual things to make my daily goal.. but it's stuff I am doing anyway.
Here is a link to sign up (and I think you get bonus Swagbucks right now for signing up!)

So I am using them again, with a plan! 100 swagbucks a day is my goal, it's only $1 BUT there are still 318 days left in the year, and $318 (minimum) is not too shabby for gifts and won't effect our budget negatively!

There is also a Widget at the bottom of this blog, and you can easily check for a swag code to earn swagbucks. Looks like this


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