05 February 2013

Bookshelf turned Mud Area

Now that it's a week + later than I was expecting it to be. Sick kids and a weekend trip will do that.
 It's as done as it can be right now, as long as I am sticking to my budget anyway! I still need a couple things to finish it up and I am sure the more we use it the more things will need to be altered or added. But for now it's working!

We used to use the bookshelf in our bedroom, then moved it to the garage and it just became a dumping spot for everything! Once I cleaned up the pantry I could move our teeeny tiny stock pile inside and off the bookshelf.

And the shoes were outta control in the little cupboard, now they each have 2 shoe bins, top one for everyday shoes, bottom one for play shoes (rain boots and old trashed sneakers) and umbrellas!
This made room inside to organize all the board games the kids got over the holidays.

They each have a spot to hang their jacket(s) and backpack. They were able to use it for about a week already and it made a difference. The backpacks don't come inside and that means I don't have to ask them to put them away 3 times, or step over them to get inside!

The top little baskets, once I find another, are the perfect spot for hats and mittens, more room in their dressers inside. We can always use more clothes room! 

I got this sweet little mail basket a while ago, was using in the pantry for snacks, but it just wasn't working. So now I am trying it out here.. perfect for lunch money, permission slips and the every other Friday Popcorn money requests! I usually just drop them in their folders but sometimes they come back home with them. I suppose if they are putting them in their backpack they better be able to find them once they are school a little better!

Took apart the other bookshelf that was here.. it was just a dumping spot for me! I was bad with it, random things for Goodwill, screwdrivers, spider spray and a plethora of other things. Took it apart (it was broken in one place) and the area feels more open! The garage is my next project! Some bins are going inside, need to organize the kids outside stuff and everything else I am in charge of out here! Friday job maybe?!


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