25 January 2013

Organizing Friday

Last week I showed our disaster of a upstairs linen closet! It's still not perfect but a whole lot better!
Got the linen closet all done! Moved some towels into an empty cupboard in the kids bathroom, organized all the bins that had collected stuff they weren't supposed to. Moved the band-aids to a cute new little pail, with the neosporin!  Overall I am fine with it, I have an entire shelf to add some stock piling too, if it comes up. I am still trying to figure out the whole free TP thing. The kind we buy is rarely on sale and coupons are only ever .25 cents off.. I must be doing something wrong!!

And today's task will really be a weekend long one more likely. This is our garage, and I have been using these bookshelves for holding a little of everything and some stock piling. But I don't NEED to use them for that and the kids backpacks, lunch boxes and jackets are KILLING me! I am just sick of them all over!
So here are the befores..

Come back next Friday to see what I can turn this icky stack of junk into! I have some ideas.. let's hope I can make it work!

Who else has a weekend project? Or maybe just a Friday Project?


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