18 January 2013

Organizing Friday

Feeling pretty good that I am getting it done 3 weeks in a row. I am on a mission to get and KEEP this place as organized and clutter free as possible!

Last week was the closet that gets abused and has been my Friday project more times than I care to count. But I made a big difference this time and I am already loving the extra room. If I get the chance to really work on our stock pile I might be taking advantage of all this space!

I really like those green Ikea filing boxes, they were inexpensive and big enough to hold all our electronic crud, phone bases, blank cd's and stuff that NEVER looks pretty. There is just no way to make it look good so it needs a box! The other one has all of our wrapping stuff in it, tape, bags, tissue paper and scissors.

This week I am working on our linen closet. As you can see we have lots of blankets and extra bathroom products. I hate seeing boxes that don't stack well and just look MESSY! So I picked up these baskets here and there as I found good clearance prices. I have one for middle of the night kid stuff, cough meds, tylenol, thermometer all those type things. Because no one wants to be hunting for them while there is a sick kid!

The other thing I am doing while I am in there is checking all the expiration dates and amounts of the usuals, then restocking any we are in need of.
Toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash take another basket up. Shampoo (I'm the only one giving that up) and a bunch of travel size stuff are in another basket. Hubby goes out of town pretty often so we use all kinds of travel size stuff. I am sure there is some stuff in here expired, close enough to empty or probably belongs somewhere else to make a difference in here.
I'll share the improvements next week! Happy Friday!


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