21 January 2013

Monday with my littles!

I LOVE when they have an extra day from school! 
Starting today a little later than usual with my coffee and planning for the week.  
Today we are working on some stuff around here. It's still super cold so all inside stuff, we are all getting a little stir crazy though.

Hubby is out of town for part of this week so we are winging it on dinner those nights, the kids like to have breakfast for dinner when hubby is gone because he doesn't care for that at all. 

I didn't quite get to everything I wanted to last week, we did get to date night with my mini. Roller skating! Super fun, can't wait to go again.
Didn't get to Valentine's Day stuff.. HOPING we can do that today after resting time. I need to dust and vacuum everything before we get the glitter explosion out and have to vacuum AGAIN afterwards. That's the plan for today after putting together a couple weeks worth of outfits for these kids. Mornings have been rough with this cold weather! Even after choosing clothes the night before, matching a jacket to their clothes has been a big FAIL. The boy thinks a long sleeve T shirt is enough, and the girl thinks she can wear a hoodie over everything and polka dot leggings go with everything. I'd really like dressing in the morning to go better. SO that is a MUST for today! I put their outfits together and they get to decide which one to wear so they still have a little say in it. 

Not really doing a meal plan this week either. I know we have stuff for a few meals and I will just make them as we decide what to have.

Is it freezing where you are?
What are you doing this week?


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