18 December 2012

It's hard to be a parent

Sometimes we have choices and they are hard to make, I am absolutely not putting anyone who would do/does things differently than us down. We all know our own kids best and what they can handle. But seeing this come up SO much since Friday made me think I should share my thoughts.

Why I'd let my kids skip school right now!

We are raising little people who will be big people before I am even ready to believe it. 
With all the events going on in the world right now and all the fear, I feel like what they really need is love and their parents. What they will miss while not in class for 6 hours with 20ish other kids today and the next few days is not nearly as important as what I am hoping to avoid altogether, 2nd hand fear! Sometimes I don't think we give these little ones credit for what they pick up on. During election season our 2nd grader and Kindergartner came home multiple times with stories about the President, and Romney and gas prices and troops and unemployment! All things other classmates heard their parents say and they repeat, they may not know what it means but they sure like to sound like they do. Some were horrible things for 2nd graders to say/hear.  I'm just not willing to expose them to the fear most of us have as parents about the recent events. I can understand the fear but I also understand that fear can be a horrible thing for children and for parents to deal with. With all this gun control talk driven by fear and blame based on tragedy and fear on top of the fear of "what could happen" I just don't think it's healthy for our littles right now. We do our best to keep them naive and unaware of things like what happened on Friday. I feel pretty lucky I didn't have to explain to them them why they were missing a few days of school, because we are already on break. But it makes me sad for all these parents who are posting on facebook how sad/scared/upset they are they HAVE to send their kids to school yesterday and today. Don't they know that they are in charge and not the school?! We make the final choice for when our kids attend school and if right now your kids need to be home for whatever reason you feel, keep them home. I am sure you won't be the only one, and even if you are the only one you are the only one with JUST your childrens best interest in mind.  And if we are sending them to school just so we aren't breaking the rules, that just seems crazy to me, these are the school districts rules. Not mine, I don't report to the school district. My main job as a mama is to keep them healthy, raise them to make good choices, even if those choices aren't what everyone else is doing. 


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