09 November 2012

Is it too early?

To talk Christmas? If not, read on. Or come back in a couple weeks when you are ready!

I usually go crazy on wrapping paper, selecting 1 for each kid so we can skip the tags and the peeking!
But this year I am just wanting everything to be casual and easy and simple (and inexpensive)!
Did you know Dollar Tree has plain ol' brown craft paper in a huge roll?

So I grabbed a few of those and started wrapping everything we have so far. I like to buy on clearance throughout the year so I have a bit already to wrap. 
And instead of the super expensive bows and fancy trim I am doing things a little more homemade and sticking to yarn!
Just plain ol' on sale yarn from the craft store, I picked 3 colors (since we have 3 kids) and I am still skipping the overpriced tags (or I could make some!) But I think some of these big ol' yarn puffs will be perfect.

 Super little tutorial too!
And some big yarn bows too I think, maybe some chipboard letters wrapped in yarn. I think I just love yarn this year!
And to make sure I know what I have and keep it organized, I have a sheet in my HMB and it has each persons name and a spot for their gifts. They are numbered so I know who's is who's before the fluff is added and what is what.

How do you wrap? As you buy or all at once? 
Do you like wrapping? Or prefer bags?
I really don't care for bags at Christmas but I use them cause sometimes it's just easier..

Oh and do you wrap stocking stuffers?
Ok now that I typed all this I DO feel like it was too early!


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