01 October 2012

Weekly Plan

Happy October! My favorite month of the year!

Weekly planning this morning and I am realizing that I am WAY behind! 
Halloween in just 4+ weeks when I know we will have people here and then it will be Thanksgiving in a heartbeat. So I think just working on Monday, Wednesday and Friday isn't cutting it!

We have a full week this week, no days off, nothing special just the "normal" week!
I still have a few half done projects like beadboard in the guest bath that needs to be painted, and antlers that need glittered. Those are the fun ones to do but I still have clothes to sort, baseboards to clean and touch up.

I haven't even started in either bathroom or the linen closet! Those are on the list for this week too.
I think this warm weather makes me not feel like Fall cleaning! It's been high 70's for weeks!

Monday~Pork Tenderloin and Veggies
Tuesday~Tacos (or nachos)
Wednesday~Spicy Chicken pasta
Thursday~Teriyaki Chicken and rice
Friday~Football Game Food 

~Crazy Love (for small group Bible study)
~Huge stack of Halloween Magazines

Fun Stuff
~Library Music and Dance Story time
~Riding Lessons
~Soccer Practice x4

And I am also planning on making some baked goodies..
Going to try mini blackberry cobblers and something pumpkin or Fall-ish for playdate!
Any super recipes that can be sweet but not overly sweet or complicated?
I love this set-up. Looks so cozy!


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