30 September 2012

Fall Porch

I love a good porch! A big porch with cozy seating and a general feel of welcoming. We don't have that :(
We have a decent sized porch but it's lacking!
I've been working on it though to make it better.
Here is what ours looked like before
Sad little chair, missing table, over ripe apples from last month, cob webs 
and a tipped over bucket. Nothing Fall like or inviting!

Taking inspiration from Pinterest
 (of course) and other blogs. 
These are some of my favorite porches, like you could sit and stay a while (with no 8 legged friends)
Love the clock!

Never thought of using rugs, other than door mats. Clever!

Love the floor, and the mismatched chairs!

I know I love Mums for fall
I like the white and the dark red ones

and pillows! We need pillows!
These are ADORABLE!

I LOVE love this sign, this style!

Ok, I have some inspiration and our porch is mostly cleaned off. Naptime tomorrow  well whenever I have a few minutes here and there I will work on it, Hoping to be done before Thursday!


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