20 September 2012

Fall = Changes

And not just the regular leave changing, new classroom changes. 
Around here something about fall makes me like to change EVERYTHING! From hair color to bedroom furniture placement and the way I drive to and from school.

I talked about changing Finnley's room, well if you can call it changing, more like finishing.
But we also have been doing some work in Ramsey's room!
Haven't really shared much of his.
Here are a few from when Hubby built his bed, and we got his little locker desk put in.

We painted his room when we first moved in, before the dresser and bed. Obviously since they all clash!
Just finishing up painting, already put the bed back together, a few things to take care of and I will share the changes. I miss that tiny face, the picture was taken in 2010! He looks so big and grown up now, with HUGE teeth!

When we get back from our weekend adventure we should be able to finish it all up!


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