02 August 2012

What I use to clean

This post is inspired by my friend Aleisha at Britches and Boots. She shared her list and it got me thinking how different we all are. And how some people might not even realize you can clean with stuff besides the items sold in the cleaning isle. I do it this way for a few reasons.
1. I am not a fan of toxins or chemically scented products
2. I am CHEAP when it comes to cleaning
3. I don't want a bunch of products so it has to be multi purpose or I probably won't use it

My main 3   
well besides my apron are

1. White vinegar

Yes it smells, but it works very well on just about every surface, it's antibacterial and it's inexpensive plus the kids won't get hurt by it and if the smell that disappears after it dries still bothers you, you can add some essential oil to help.
I use it for
~Making ice cubes to clean the disposal
~Cleaning the dishwasher
~Shining the stainless steel
~Fridge shelf cleaner
~As fabric softener
~Window cleaner (in a pinch)
~Bathroom surfaces

2. Baking Soda

For everything from stove tops to carpet cleaning, or if vinegar just isn't doing it, a little baking soda and water paste and some elbow grease will usually take care of it.
Sinks, tubs and showers get super sparkly with this and #3.

3. Magic Eraser

For pretty much everything else, and I use it with both 1 and 2, not together though.
My favorite is how fast this will make a GROSS grimey fingerprint covered white door look like new in just a few seconds.
I know some people are worried about these and kids, I don't let our kids use them or play with them so it's not a concern for me, but if I am out, plain ol' baby wipes are my next go to. They take more elbow grease but are still pretty effective.

Swiffer Duster
soo wish I had the pink ones!

I love these, they really trap the dust and they aren't overly expensive with a coupon, NOT a fan of the scented ones!

Sprayway Foaming Glass Cleaner 

I love how well this works, but it does have a smell. I will use it if we have it but it's kind of a splurge!

And then obviously a vacuum and mop (shark steam mop for me)

That is pretty much it, although I do keep some toilet cleaner with bleach around (out of reach) just in case there is a sickness going around, then I like to be a little extra careful.
And if Target has the Method brand value packs on clearance when they do their little bulk packaging thing, I will grab the bathroom cleaner, but only cause I like the smell and they are non toxic.

So all this fits in a little Dollar Store basket with a microfiber cloth and a dollar tree toothbrush.
And I take it room to room as I go and keep it on a shelf in the closet with the extra supplies.

It really makes cleaning take less time because there aren't
 5 different bottles to look for just to clean the bathroom and all these are very effective. 
Hope this helps make some space under your sink, or wherever you keep the goods and helps keep a little change in your pocket. 

And I guess I forgot and I did this already, oops! It's been a year and a half and things for sure have changed and gone down in product.
Check that list out here


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