16 July 2012

Oh Monday!

It's going to be a crazy week

Maybe if I start with some goals for the week, I will get to them all!

First though is meal plan
Monday~Turkey Chili
Tuesday~Chicken Tacos
Thursday~Grilled Cheese and Soup
Friday~Baked Chicken and Rice
Sunday~Take Out

Around the house work
~Deep Clean Bathrooms
~Clean Out Garage
~Dump Trip
~Wipe Down Doors and Trim

FUN Stuff
~Sew 2 pillows
~Riding Lessons
~Park Picnic
~Work on Back to School Party
~Blueberry Picking

~Pick out tile
~Pick up school supplies
~Dr. Appt
~Finish shoe shopping for kids for school (while they are on sale!)
~Find 2 new books to read. 1 for fun 1 for learning.

~To the kids more
~Catch up on my You Version Reading Plans
~In the mornings during my quiet time instead of Internet!

Hoping this new "Monday Planning" will help our weeks go smoothly
How do you plan for your week?


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