11 June 2012

Meal Plan Monday

After being gone again all weekend I have NO inspiration. Checking out what we have in our freezer instead for some ideas for easy dinner this week. It is the last week of school for the kids and I can't wait to get Summer started!

Here is what I have in the freezer
~a bag of shredded chicken
~pork roast x2
~pork tenderloin
~ground turkey
~marinara sauce

This Friday is grocery shopping day but after the last 2 weekends of being gone and 2 weeks of super busyness I might have to make a trip before then!

Monday~Chicken Tortilla Soup, in the crock pot
Tuesday~Crock Pot Lasagna
Wednesday~Pork Roast and Mashed potatoes
Thursday~something with ground turkey, tacos probably
Friday~Last day of school and FINALLY a Friday we aren't running out the door. Pizza!
Saturday~Pork Tenderloin, on the grill
Sunday will probably be leftovers

And I am hoping it isn't too hot to make a batch of some cowboy cookies. 
Isn't this the CUTEST cookie jar?


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