13 June 2012

4th of July Treats!

The 4th falls on a Wednesday this year and we have a wedding to go to the weekend before and weekend trip the week after so we are planning on staying home and hanging with the neighbors and whoever else shows up to do fireworks.  Trying to get together some ideas now since it is only 3 weeks away, I need time to plan, grocery shop and prep!

Starting with some breakfast ideas

Super cute toast and super easy

Breakfast Sunday

Breakfast Shortcake

And this breakfast cake looks soo good, it's blueberry but I am sure you could add some red berries and it would be super festive.

For us I think I will try the breakfast cake and make some sausage patties in star shapes.
And maybe some Red White and Blue Oatmeal (blueberries, strawberry granola and whip cream)


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