14 June 2012

4th of July Snacks

I was hoping I could find some prep ahead snacks for the 4th so I am not spending the entire day in the kitchen! But I am finding that pretty much everything red, white and blue or stars are a whole lot of sugar and not really what I was hoping for.

These are graham crackers and cheesecake bites and they look really good, but I think maybe I will swap them for some whole wheat crackers,  a little less of the creamy part and use cream cheese and salsa instead!

And I really liked this idea, where you can add anything to the inside of the bags 
because the outsides are the special part. Presentation sure makes a big difference to the little ones!

And these are a good JUST fruit option, no extra sugar!

I still hadn't found JUST the right thing for us though. Thinking about the usual snacks here, veggies, string cheese, dried fruits and sometimes quesadilla slices. I had to find a way to make them festive!

First I just cut up a wheat tortilla with a star shaped cookie cutter and made some open face quesadillas.. encouraging the kids to have at the salsa with them!

And the string cheese I just used the kitchen scissors and cut the end up a little bit, then wrapped it in some paper scraps. Cutting the paper with some fancy edged scissors would make it even better! If you have older kids that can be trusted with a toothpick, I would do toothpicks with dried fruit or small veggie pieces  on one end with the other into the string cheese for a super cute "firework". 

And please excuse the icky back splash..Hubby took the tile down last night, the granite measuring people are coming tomorrow! Excited and nervous :)

Hoping I can find some more snack ideas (not treats) but really the treats are my favorite part!


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