03 May 2012


Day 4 for me to get back on track!
Thursdays are bedroom cleaning day, since we have been so off the last couple months, I seriously doubt I will be getting anything extra done today. But I can't wait to get these bedroom windows clean and (hopefully) let some sunshine in!
One of the things I do on Thursdays is change every ones sheets, and that means folding fitted sheets! I am really not good at it so I am always looking for sheet storage and HELP in general! 
Pinterest has made me realize I am not the only one who struggles!
This is what I have done for years, and I still love this concept, using one of the pillowcases as a "bag" for the whole sheet set.

I think I just need to find a better place to store them.
This chicky has a good set up
I think the linen closet is in need of an overhaul. Next week maybe?
I love this set up, so pretty!
But maybe something like these instead of baskets.

That is one thing about really getting back to cleaning every room every week, I see all the things that need attention, organization, repairing, replacing and donated. Next week should be full of organizing now that I am seeing all the things that need help! And probably some of the deep cleaning I won't get to today, like cleaning all the windows in these seriously messy bedrooms.

Tomorrows Organizing Friday will be a repeat pretty much. I HAVE to grocery shop, I haven't been real shopping in 4 weeks! Our poor pantry is pretty empty, so I will share it tomorrow.  And next week is super busy for us so having it well stocked will really help with the whole balance thing

Hope everyone has a good Friday tomorrow!


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