28 May 2012

Meal Plan Monday

Weeks that start with a holiday always throw me off a little bit.
We are planning getting home today before dinner. But of course there is 4 days of laundry to do and unpacking, planning for the school week and life in general, so easy tonight is a must, and the rest of the week really needs to be easy so we can recover from being gone for 4 days.

Monday~Pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes
Tuesday~Chicken Tacos
Wednesday~Lasagna Soup
Thursday~Beef Stew
Friday~Turkey Burgers
Saturday and Sunday are just not mine to deal with this weekend,
my girlfriends and I will be at Farm Chicks!

And with this week being so busy, I am not sure I will have another post this week, I will try though!
For sure posting about Farm Chicks though :)


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