30 April 2012

Meal Plan Monday

I LOVE this cookie jar!

I haven't meal planned in a couple months and our grocery budget is definitely feeling it!
First step in getting some time back is making a plan for what to feed the family. Only planning 1 week out for now until I get back on track!

Monday~Crock Pot Pork Roast w/ Roasted veggies
Tuesday~Turkey Tacos
Wednesday~Meatloaf and potatoes
Thursday~Chicken Parm Bites
Friday~Grilled Cheese and Soup
Saturday~Turkey Burgers
Sunday~White Chicken Enchiladas

I REALLY need to find some new stuff for our rotation, especially with the warmer weather, there is no way I am baking or roasting anything when it's hot out!

Other than Pinterest, where do y'all find new recipes?


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