08 March 2012

Spring Cleaning Kitchen

Now that the cleaning out is done I can get started on the real cleaning!
I start with the kitchen, it takes the longest usually and it takes the most abuse!
I can usually get most of this done in 1-2 days depending on what else we have going on that week.
And I like to have a good reward planned for when it's over. I will have to think about what it should be! Usually something for that room, something use full or pretty! 
And I HAVE to have good music! I doubt I would get anything done without it!
I listen to everything! I like a good mix but it has to be ok for the kids too. The Civil Wars are my very fave! I saw them last year when they were here the band that opened for them has grown on me SO much!
Milo Greene! They only had a 3 song CD at the show but youtube has so many live songs, love them all!
This is my fave though!

ok now that I got just slightly off track, here is my list. It's not much different than last year, just a couple things added I noticed needed attention.

~Start the oven on self clean
~Vacuum on top of cabinets and ceiling corners
~Take everything out of cabinets and wipe down (I do 1 at a time)
~Polish the outside of the cabinets
~Clean the microwave and put fan filters in dishwasher
~Clean out the fridge/freezer (if you don't do that more often)
~Clean the top of the fridge
~Pull fridge out and vacuum sides and coils
~wash silverware tray (in dishwasher)
~Clean the inside of the dishwasher 
~Replace felt pads on all the chairs
~Tidy the pantry
~Clean under the sink
~make vinegar ice cubes (for weekly disposal cleaning)
~Clean Toaster and Mixer really good
~Clean oven sides and underneath once it's cooled
~wash windows
~wipe down moldings and doors

And the other stuff I need to do this year is
~Clean party cabinet
~Clean craft cabinet
~Clean the junk drawer (again!)

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