04 March 2012

Kid Storage

I am sure I cannot be the only one who doesn't like to toys all over, or an unattractive storage solution! 
Sometimes it seems impossible to find something to hold all the toys and books that is actually nice to look at. Plastic and particle board just are not cutting it for me, not that we don't use those, we do, but they are in the closet where I don't have to see them unless I look. We have a few of these
They are great for all the little things and books! 
We have a LOT of books. But they just aren't that attractive to me!
We have been looking for something to hold all of the Legos Ramsey has.
We thought about a couple of these, but they are also less than attractive.
So we were just keeping them in 2 of the canvas cubes but they were already overfull and too heavy to really be good for him to play with. Then my fave girls at Real Deals in Salem posted a picture on facebook, and I KNEW we needed it for his room, as long as it would fit.
This is what they posted
Cute right?! So I went and measured to see if it would fit, and it DID!! So it has a home in his bedroom now, holds his baseball light and all of his Legos are organized by color in the bins. My pictures are not great but it still looks perfect in his room and it wasn't too deep so he still has plenty of room to drag his Lego table over and enjoy playing with them!

This little treasure sure put me in the mood to get started on our Spring Cleaning!
So this week I will try and get my planning all done, so we can get started and done and enjoy Spring!

Hubby is already outside working on cleaning stuff up while it's not raining. I am hoping I can add "build chicken coop" to his honey do! We'll see how well that goes over :)


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