12 December 2011

Organizing Friday!

I'm not sure how it's already Friday Saturday again but I've got plenty of places that needed some help yesterday. And since we have 2 birthday parties coming up in early Feb (8 weeks! EEK) I figured I better get that cupboard cleaned up so I don't by duplicates and so I can find the stuff that needs to be worked on in there.

It was pretty full and messy before!

And it's still pretty full but I was able to get their things separated and get a good idea of what we have and what we need.

For the bottom shelf, most of that stuff is always there. It's the things I use often like paintbrushes, hot glue guns and other tools. But I do love the $1 section from Target for the cute little buckets which are a good size to hold glue, pliers and all the other little stuff.

One day I will STOP working on their birthdays for more than a year ( the other shelf has stuff for their parties in 2013!) and we won't have the cabinet full of party stuff! 


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