05 December 2011

Menu Monday

I did my grocery shopping on Friday for the next 2 weeks (except a milk and produce stop). I'm pretty sure I have shared before that when I am on task we have the same "style" of thing every Monday-Friday. It makes grocery shopping less expensive because I am not buying that 1 ingredient I won't use again before it goes bad, I can stock up when stuff is on sale because I KNOW we will use it!
Monday's are Chicken (usually with rice or pasta)
Tuesday's are Mexican
Wednesday is a pasta meal and occasionally a meatless one
Thursday is Soup or Salad (or both)
Fridays are usually sandwiches of some kind
Weekends are when I get to do the more elaborate cooking or try new recipe's.

This is what we will be having the next 2 weeks, starting today. And we have fruit and veggies with every meal but I don't always plan exactly what it will be.
Monday~Chicken with rice and veggies and chicken sauce
Tuesday~Turkey Taco's
Wednesday~Spaghetti and meatballs 
Thursday~Grilled chicken salad
Friday~Turkey Burgers (unless there are leftover meatballs)
Saturday~Pork Tenderloin and potatoes
Sunday~Cowboy Stew

Monday~Teriyaki chicken and stir fry veggies with rice
Tuesday~ White Chicken Enchiladas (it's new for me, but looks amazing!) recipe HERE
Wednesday~ Baked Chicken Parmesan
Thursday~Loaded Baked Potatoes and Salad
Friday~ Turkey Burgers( if we didn't have them last week) or grilled cheese and tomato soup
Saturday~undecided, something with pork though!
Sunday~Probably Pizza


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