18 November 2011

Confession Time!

I haven't put a single Thanksgiving thing up, not 1! 
I haven't posted in a while cause we have been busy and I am having a hard time.

I am trying to lose weight, and become healthier, exercise more and all that. Keep the house clean and organized. Do fun things with the kids. Decorate the house for every season, plan for Christmas. Manage EVERYTHING.. and well I am not doing that great!
I'm having a really hard time balancing it all, I am sure we all struggle with these things in some ways. But I felt weird posting about stuff when there were other things I SHOULD have been doing.
But I am getting better at it, found some exercise I am loving (Zumba, and 30 day shred) so its not taking AS long, I'm finally caught up on chores from our week long trip in October and I gave up on Thanksgiving decorations this year so I saved some time that way.

Hoping I can be a better blogger while I am being healthier, a fun mom, planning my cooking more and keeping things on track!

So now that I've got that out there, I am excited to be with my extended family and eat some yumminess on Thanksgiving, and also excited to hang with some girls with all the nutters out on Black Friday! I will for sure be in Christmas mode next weekend!  Anyone else LOVE Black Friday?


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