31 October 2011

Thanksgiving Dishes

I don't have the room for holiday specific dishes but some of the platters and cuteness sure make me want to find a set to match ALL of them!
We have multi colored polka dot plates that match nothing fall like or Halloween.

But I am pretty attached to them! I even have a spare box in case some break!

If we ever decide to get a plain, match everything set,
I love these
 Country Living brand at Kmart

There are soo many colors and different things for Thanksgiving I can imagine it would get overwhelming if you were just starting to get stuff together! I personally love the orange and plum colors together!
If we were hosting this year and the crazy polka dot dishes weren't an issue, this would be the first thing on my wish list if it weren't so expensive!  Maybe I can find a platter at Goodwill and do my own!

West Elm

And these are kinda charming, I like the bright orange without it coming from a pumpkin!
Cost Plus
And although I don't usually like purple at all, I don't wear purple, I don't usually buy it for Carsyn and we don't have anything else purple, I LOVE purple in the fall!


These aren't very practical but they would look fantastic on Thanksgiving!
I've slowly been collecting solid white serving pieces, a random butter dish here, a little sugar bowl. I don't want everything to be too matchy matchy but it still has to work together.
One of my favorite/most used serving things is from Costco, it's a 4 tier plate stand and all 4 tiers rotate out a little so it doesn't take up too much room

Still collecting plain pieces so I can add the fun pieces as I find ones I love!
Other things I still need to decide on this week are
~what goodies we are bringing
~grocery list
~And since October was such a rough month,
 I probably will try and deep clean the living room and kitchen again!


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