06 September 2011

Halloween~Candy Corn

I could share random Halloween pictures everyday, but I thought it might be a little easier to organize them.
So today, I am sharing all things Candy Corn! I already shared 2 cute Candy Corn things HERE, but there are plenty more! I'll try to limit myself!

I love how a few little candies make a bloom!

Big sparkly candy corn, Pier 1.

This would be so easy! And it's pretty charming!

adorable, and handmade!

I don't have the patience for this, but it is SO pretty! I don't think I could keep the kids off of it either.

Those were some of my favorites to look at.. there are also a ton of Candy Corn themed food/drinks!

Candy Corn Whoopie Pies! Who wouldn't love that?!

Candy Corn Pizza, smart!

Fun little veggie tray in Candy Corn colors. Parents.com

Those look like they would take a lot of patience!

Hostess with the Mostess

Candy Corn Coolers.. no idea what they are, at first I thought they were pudding!

If that wasn't enough Candy Corn for you, I have a few more and since it is just now Sept. I am sure I will be adding lots more to my Pinterest Candy Corn board HERE.

I try to list the source with each photo, but some I have had so long and have no idea where they came from, and some are from Pinterest.com and the source wasn't listed. So if one of these is yours or you know where it came from, please let me know so I can get the source right!


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