22 September 2011

Fall Cleaning List ~Living Room~

Think I have my Living Room/Family Room list done!
It should be a little easier because there isn't as much stuff in here!
And this year it will be even easier, we just replaced our couch and chair, so I can take upholstry cleaning off the list! And  the new one doesn't have removable cushions. THANK goodness! No more fishing for toys/cheerios and random other things.

My list isn't much different than most years!
~Wash throw blankets
~Fluff pillows in dryer
~Clean the rug
~Dust.. especially the fan!
~I NEED to change the pictures in our frames!
~Clean the windows, usually I just do the parts the kids can reach, but I should get the step stool out!
~Wash the walls
~Clean the baseboards
~Touch up paint
~Touch up baseboard paint
and when that is all done..
~Go through ALL my magazines (I have far too many)

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