21 September 2011

Fall Cleaning List ~Kitchen~

Finally got my kitchen list done, and I can't wait to start next week!
I usually do the kitchen first because it takes the most time!
I like to start at the top and work my way down before I clean the floors. But if there is something that takes a while to soak or work, start those first. Like a self cleaning oven, or filling in nail holes that need to be painted.

~Take picture down above doors
~Stuff that needs to work, or dry (nail holes, self cleaning oven, microwave vents)
~Dust, and get all the corners
~Vacuum tops of cabinets
~ Wash windows (ours are hard to reach for me, so I don't do it every week)
~Clean out cabinets. For me this means, purge, clean cabinet insides and organize.
~Polish the cabinets
~Clean out under the sink
~Empty and Clean the fridge and freezer (sides and back too)
~Empty and clean pantry
~Go through cookie cutters (and purge!)
~Clean baseboard
~Touch up cabinet stain
~Touch up wall paint
~Touch up baseboard paint

Obviously some of these won't apply to you (unless you are a cookie cutter hoarder like me,
or have recently taken down some stuff that left nail holes)
I actually have already started on a few of these! Those cookie cutters were bugging me.
I'm hoping I can get this whole list done next Monday!
How are your lists coming? What's on them?


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