21 July 2011

More Back to School Goodies

I shared some PBnJ bars last year, but I think this one might be a little better for our family.

They look yummy and I think I could skip most of the sugar and they would still be ok.
 My little cupcake and I made these the other day, but we changed em up a bit and didn't use the sugar, and we used sunflower seed kernels instead of peanuts. I think they would be good with dried cranberries instead of raisins!

I want to make sure I have stuff ready for their first days so I am not spending any time in the kitchen I don't have to! I want to hear all bout their new exciting year. So stuff I can make ahead of time is a must!  I love these little cookies from the cake blog.

I don't know that I would make that many, but they are too cute and not too elaborate, so I should be able to get them done in a nap time, especially if I make the cookies before!

CakeCentral.com has these to share
They are SO cute, but I also want a less sugary option, so I think I can do these with graham crackers and tint some cream cheese instead of cookie and icing.
I still think cute iced cookies are my fave! LOVE these ones!

etsy has lots of choices!

And some ideas I love that I think we will have to get started on this year:

The Back to School Fairy?! HOW sweet!

The year before, the girl got a diary.. SO sweet!!

And Family Fun had this idea on their site
But they were planning it for school supplies. I think I can do this but instead of supplies, something special for the kids. Mine love school supplies ( think they inherited that from me lol) but I know there are other little things I already have for rewards, tooth fairy, long car trips that I want to do too. Hair bows, Lego mini figures, special erasers, key chains, just stuff they will love!

I am hoping to get back to school stuff out in the next week! And I might have a whole post on kids clothes. I can't decide on a first day of school outfit!


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