01 July 2011

Cake Pop Maker!

I usually avoid ALL small appliances, because I can't stand clutter! We just got a toaster this year and it stays in the pantry. But I am a sucker for small cute things, and the babycakes cakepop maker makes THE cutest easiest little cake balls! (and I was in NO way compensated or asked to write this)

But I also don't want my kids to have cupcakes everyday!  So the first day I did make some little chocolate cake balls for the kids but I am a fan of trying other stuff (especially when it cleans SO easy!) So tonight I made some banana nut muffin holes? balls? bites? I don't know what to call them, except EASY for breakfast tomorrow!
I did learn after the cake ones I made, to put the batter in a piping bag (or Ziploc bag, whatever works) because if you have to spoon it in to each spot, it makes 12 at a time, it takes too long and the first ones are already a little puffy, almost too puffy for the lid. 

Cute right?! And they are probably 2 bite muffins is all!  And the kit comes with a injector thing, you could fill these with cream cheese icing, YUM! Then they aren't too messy to-go either!
I can see this contraption becoming a small obsession!
I am already planning on using it for corn bread, they will fit on top of some chilli in my very favorite jelly jar glasses and be perfect for the kids!


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