24 July 2011

Back To School For The Girls!

We have 2 muffins going to school in Sept. A 1st grader and a Preschooler. They are both SO excited. I am excited about school fluff. I have always loved school supplies! And now I love school clothes and school supplies.  I have come across too much though. I don't want to go overboard (anymore than I already have lol) and I haven't decided what to get yet. Had to share though, because I am sure I am not the only mama who loves school supplies and BTS fluff!

Outfits. WHY do they make them so darn cute?! Don't they know how hard it will be to decide? I need 4 or 5 first day outfit changes!

I haven't decided yet, because we don't know how cold it will be. But it's usually nice enough for short sleeves! I have a huge favorite list on etsy.com full of stuff like this:

But some other stores always have cute fall lines I love too. My favorite is a Baby Gap line from 2006 I think. I love it so much I bought it in a few sizes.
And it has matching knee socks!
And Gymboree has sweater vests all the time too. This one is my favorite for fall!

I just really really like knee socks and sweater vests I think!
Clothes are the hardest for me to not go overboard on.. the next thing I usually buy too many of is backpacks!
Between the cute monogrammed/embroidered ones and
others that just have a cute design it's hard to stick with just 1!
This is so embarrassing, but our 4 year old who hasn't gone to school yet, already has 6 backpacks, maybe 7, I haven't counted in a while.  I have been better though. I didn't buy any last year! I probably won't buy any for a long time either! These are some that I would pick up if we didn't have too many as it is!

This owl one by Skip Hop is soo cute!
Out of the 6 or 7 we have, at least 3 are cupcake ones, hope she likes cupcakes for a long time!
Hair accessories! So cute and addicting!
I could post a ton that I love from etsy. I'll try and keep it to my 3 favorites!

Random other fluff I love..
Love the fabric, and it's a reusable sandwich bag!
Cutest little snack bags!!

And THESE are soo cute!

Ok, I have to stop looking at all this cute girl stuff! Hoping I can find some equally cute boy stuff!


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