28 July 2011

Back to School Boy Stuff

Does anyone else think boys are harder to shop for? It seems like it's all the same, skulls, sports or vehicles. I am not really a fan of that, and it makes it so hard to find different stuff!

Etsy is a good place to find different stuff!
I love the simple silhouettes!
And since our little guy is a Harry Potter fan I love this one

I like the "little man" look too

For those little boys (and girls) starting K..

I have a hard time finding a plain enough backpack that will last, I don't know how he does it but he can wear a backpack out in 6 months! I like these from PBKids

Love this shirt.. probably more for the little ones but it is just so funny!
And I really like bow ties!

or neck ties, these are from Lil Hiccups Boutique on Facebook!

Boys are much harder for me to shop for! It seems like everything has an animal or skull on it, and we aren't really into either!  Once we get done with school stuff shopping I'll share any good finds!

And I should have all the Back to School stuff out soon! Guessing Monday!


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