07 June 2011

Summer To-Do Jar

2 days left of school and I am so excited, but also a little worried the kids will get bored sooner
 than they did last year. So, I made a Summer to do jar.

 There are all kinds of cute summer lists around like these

this one also has a printable!

And some more simple ones

And a bucket list in a lunchbox! Cute, and free printables!

I did a jar for a couple reasons, the first is I don't have any place big enough for a big list that the kids can't reach, especially the little one! And I think my kids will also like the surprise part of it, not knowing what the day will be until the paper is picked! 

I have 4 different colors of paper, the purple there are not as many of because they are things we will have to keep for the weekend when Daddy is home, stuff like baseball games, the aquarium and fishing. Stuff I am not doing alone with them or that I know he would want to do too! The pink ones are smaller things that I won't take out once they pick them, they can go right back in, those are for busier days where we have less time, stuff like the library, park or going for an ice cream.

The rest are all ones we could probably manage any day this summer!

I asked the kids to tell me some things they wanted to do this summer and I added some other stuff that they either didn't think of, know about or don't really want to do but needs to be done. I am pretty sure you can figure those ones out!

go get an ice cream
go to the beach
sidewalk chalk
make s'mores
ride bikes
do a craft
splash pad
plant some seeds
go fishing
go to the pool
camp out nap in the backyard
go to the movies
go bowling
play at the park
write letters to cousins
baseball game
water balloons
drive in
blow bubbles
make paper airplanes
go for a nature walk
stay up late for sparklers
have an Otter Pop
swim in little pool
have cousins over
pick berries
make jelly
run at the track
go to the park
make hot dog's on the firepit for lunch
bike ride
shop for pencils (I have one excited almost preschooler)
sort Lego's
sort Barbie's
go through Finnley's toys
go through Ramsey's toys
go through Carsyn's toys
25 jumping jacks and pick again
clean out mommy's car and pick again
pull weeds for 20 minutes
craft project
Chapter of Harry Potter and a treat (they love Harry Potter themed treats!)
make graham crackers
make granola
make trail mix
That is not all of them but a good portion and I am sure there are some more I will add to it too!
We also have plans to visit Grandma and Poppop's cabin for a week, see a concert at the State fair (and a  bunch of animals!)  Watch the parade at our local Corn Festival
I think we will start the jar next week, taking Friday off to recover from the last week of school sugar high and so I can make sure we have everything!
And I am LOVING this song, it is so sweet!


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