18 June 2011

Organizing Friday... but a day late!

I got so busy yesterday I forgot to post this.

I will admit I have an ISSUE with birthday supply stuff, I kinda love it! But my birthday party supply cabinet was OUT OF CONTROL! Now I couldn't show you all the mess because I am pretty sure the fabric for Finnley's birthday would totally give away the theme!  Now I am working on a couple parties right now so there is a tiny bit more than usual in there.

Here is the upper cabinets, all that empty spot is where the stuff for Finn's birthday!

and some other stuff I took out of there!

Lower cabinet (yikes!)

I spent nap time going through all that stuff, organizing it and getting rid of some of it.. putting some away and all that. I didn't keep the boxes for my cricut cartridges, I just kept the papers, cartridges and keypads. I was able to fit them all into a smaller box and save some time.
I need to find a better way to store ribbon, that box underneath? FULL of ribbon!
And I need to stop buying birthday party supplies 3 years in advance!! I'm sure I won't break that habit anytime soon though.

After (but before I put Finn's party stuff back up, almost did though)

Now that it is SO much cleaner I think I can really get started on Finnley's paper goods for the party! Hope you are all having a good weekend!


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