22 May 2011

Tooth Fairy Fun!

I LOVE the whole idea about the Tooth Fairy! I hope my kids lose all their teeth believing there is a Tooth Fairy! I will probably cry if someone spoils it for them!

Like I said the other day we had our first lost tooth. I knew it was loose, but I didnt think it would be out, and I really don't think it was ready, someone was just a little determined to wiggle the little (and I mean TINY) thing right out!  I am sad I wasn't prepared, I have been OFF my game. Working on getting back in the groove!  But the things I want to do are stuff like this..

Tooth Fairy Door!
I am really sad that I didn't get this done.. but I think the Tooth Fairy can write Ramsey a note and he will believe it!
There are LOTS of FREE printable certificates and stuff too! Like coloring pages..
THIS one is my favorite... especially for older kids! Hilarious!
I think we will probably write our own letter for next time, and there are lots of free fairy clip art images to use too!
I made a little tooth fairy box pre kiddo's but it is obviously girly. I think the boy and I need to make one for him before he loses his next tooth. There are some cute tooth holders out there. I like these, all from etsy.com

I have a feeling Ramsey will want a treasure chest type instead of a pillow. I'll share as soon as we are done!
One thing I did make was a Tooth Fairy Coin. I made it after he went to bed and HOPED the glitter was dry. I didnt send anything with it, so he has had the last week to think about it and what it's for. I have until he loses his next one to decide what he will be able to do with them!

I just used the wooden circles, painted them blue/aqua then stamped a tooth on one side and a fairy on the other, then painted with mod podge so the ink won't smear and then glitter glue. If I had more time (and what I will do on the next ones) is rough up the edges a little, so they aren't so new looking!
There are all kinds you can buy, but I would rather save the money and make them.. We gave him $5 for his first tooth, but won't be doing that again. So I think the coins can be good for a small thing, like renting a movie or getting 1 Lego Minifigure (those are really popular here right now).

I also hope I can remember to leave some sparkles around next time!

I know for sure what our daughter will be getting her first lost tooth.. This adorable charm, I love charm bracelets for girls. I can remember where pretty much all of mine came from or what even they are from!

What do you all do for the Tooth Fairy?


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