06 April 2011

TV Stand Makeover

We got this cute TV stand from a friend, and as soon as I saw it I knew I could use it to manage the dress up stuff all over the floor!

They gave it to us for free and we spent about $1 on PVC and less than $2 on the closet bracket things.. so for $3 and a few new chips in the stairway paint we turned it into this:

I still have a little work to do, some L brackets to keep the bottom piece on and I think some vinyl or something to make it a little more girly! And I need to attach it to the wall (just to be safe)!

She is already LOVING it, and can't wait for her little besty to come play! And big brother loves to organize, he helped her hang all her stuff up! We moved the play kitchen to little brothers room (he plays with it more than the other 2)

I am sure it will get a few more changes as we get used to it. I hope to be posting more as things HOPEFULLY slow down just a little!


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