11 April 2011

Monday's.. ick!

I really am not a fan of Monday's! Especially lately since hubby has been leaving Monday's for the entire week! But I am trying to learn to love them.
Monday's we (my 2-4 little assistants and I) clean the kitchen. Let me tell you how this goes.

 I load the dishwasher with help from Finnley (18 months) his "help" is taking the dirty silverware and putting it away with all the clean stuff. THANKS Finnley (so we are doing finger foods for lunch today since all the silverware is in the dishwasher).

We clean out the fridge (and find random open yogurts in it.. seriously  eww!) And Ramsey, our 6 year old, loves to "organize" the pantry. Our pantry is pretty organized already. But he likes to drag the kitchen chairs over to the pantry and move the snacks he likes down to his level so he can reach them without me, I guess he doesn't get that I put them on the top shelf (so even I need a step stool to reach them) for a reason!! 

 Our kids love to vacuum, but not crumbs, they just like to run around with the hose! 

 I am SO lucky and thankful that I have my sweet helpers and know that because of all their "help" I will never be bored on a Monday at nap time!

Let me tell you what I would rather be doing during naptime.. I found a jar like these from PBKids (for 2.99 at Goodwill!), but the lid is not a cute color. I am pretty sure I can make it work for our kitchen or pantry, maybe the kids bathroom with some spray paint!  If I get done with my Monday chores I'll dig in the spray paint bin and see what colors we have!


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