30 April 2011

I have been slacking!

In SO many areas this month! I haven't used a single coupon, kept up on laundry or housework or our meal plan or blogging. I get a big ol' F for April!
So glad tomorrow is a new month! I've been trying to catch up so I can do better in May!

But as a result, in April we ate out more than we should have or planned to, I spent too much on groceries and there are cheerios all over the floor and I am pretty sure there is enough lint from our dryer to fill a small pillow!

It won't take me long to get caught up and then I hope I have some good stuff to share!
I do have a few craft things I have been working on.. like this MAGNETIC BANNER!!!

So genius!! I think we will have a red one, since most things I decorate with go with red!
But I am making a big one for above our fireplace!


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